March 30, 2023
TONDA PF GMT Rattrapante 1

– After its world premiere launch in steel in 2022, the TONDA PF GMT rattrapante evolves into a more luxurious version in 18ct rose gold
– Mysterious split GMT function, hidden when not in use
– Grain d’Orge guilloché dial in Milano blue version: chic and elegant contrast with the rose gold of the case and bracelet
– Guillochage of the dial done by hand
– Hands and appliques in 18ct gold


One of the most remarkable launches in 2022, the TONDA PF GMT Rattrapante, world premiere, renewed the genre of the horological complication by combining purity and minimalism with a resolutely innovative mechanism. This iconic timepiece returns in 2023 in an integral 18ct rose gold version, graced with a Milano blue dial featuring a finely barleycorn guilloché pattern.

The TONDA PF GMT Rattrapante appears totally unassuming at first glance, with hours and minutes sweeping gracefully around the broad dial. Yet beneath this traditional watch face lies a complication powering two superimposed hours hands, one in rhodium-plated gold and the other in rose gold. Pressing the 8 o’clock pusher makes the 18ct rose gold hand dedicated to local time perform a one-hour jump, revealing the rhodium-plated gold hand displaying home time. Once the dual-time information is no longer required, pressing the crown-integrated pusher enables the 18ct rose gold hand to resume its place above the rhodium-plated gold hand in the manner of a chronograph split-seconds hand.

The TONDA PF GMT Rattrapante is a perfect instrument for globetrotters juggling time zones. There is nothing superfluous on this sleek and elegant model
indicating only the hours–in home-time and local-time mode–and minutes.


This original mode of operation, unique in watchmaking history, was achieved through the integration of a sophisticated and innovative mechanism.The implementation of this intuitive complication enables purists the luxury of choosing to free the dial surface from any time display that is unnecessary at that particular moment. This action reduces the amount of information to bare essentials, promotes instinctive reading and helps reveal the quality and care lavished on each detail.

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