September 17, 2022
Greubel Forsey Presents the Limited 6-Piece Double Balancier Convexe SHH Edition

Singapore, September 2022 — Greubel Forsey honours its long-standing relationship with Sincere Fine Watches, its partner in Singapore, by creating a special edition of its Double Balancier Convexe to commemorate the opening of their new SHH boutique. Only six timepieces will be made in this never-before-seen purple livery, made exclusively for Sincere Fine Watches.

On July 5, Greubel Forsey unveiled its disruptive new creation in Singapore: the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Architecture. But far from being an isolated event, this announcement foreshadowed another exclusive collaboration with SHH: the very limited Double Balancier Convexe SHH Edition in an exclusive purple livery.

A purple mainplate, purple hour & minute hand tips and a purple rubber strap: the Double Balancier Convexe SHH Edition does not do half measures. Deep purple sometimes reflects light, sometimes absorbs it. Its frosted surface selectively diffuses and retains some of the precious specks of light for an engaging visual spectacle within the movement.


An Iconic Creation

The Double Balancier is Greubel Forsey’s sixth Fundamental Invention. It was first demonstrated in an EWT (Experimental Watch Technology) prototype, with two superimposed regulating organs inclined at 20°. A second iteration followed soon after, in a six piece unique edition with the two regulating organs positioned in different three-dimensional planes and inclined at 35°. In 2016, Greubel Forsey presented the invention in its current, double-patented form: the two balance wheels are dissociated, inclined at 30° and separated by a constant spherical differential which calculates their average timing rate. With the Double Balancier Convexe, Greubel Forsey completely reviewed the aesthetics and movement architecture of the calibre. Within its convex titanium case, it preserves its technical triptych composed of two 30° inclined balance wheels linked by their differential, but highlights the architectural dimension of the movement like never before.


Greubel-Forsey-Double-Balancier-SHH-Edition 3


A new font has been adopted for the power reserve and different elements throughout this timepiece. On the barrel cover, we discover relief-engraved text, circular-grained with polished chamfer, describing the properties of the two coaxial barrels in series with rapid rotation. They drive a 374-part movement, endowed with a 72-hour chronometric power reserve materialised by an openworked hand.

It goes without saying that each of the components is hand finished according to Greubel Forsey’s impeccable standards. This attention to detail is essential for Greubel Forsey, as it contributes significantly to the overall aesthetics of the Atelier’s timepieces.




Finally, the integrated and profiled lugs reinforce the compact and ergonomic character of the timepiece. They extend onto a textured purple rubber strap, engraved on the reverse side with the Atelier’s key values of “Exclusive, technical, architectural”.

Only 6 Double Balancier Convexe SHH Edition timepieces will be created to commemorate the opening of SHH’s new boutique. Each of them will bear, on the caseback side, the personal signatures of Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey.

The Greubel Forsey Double Balancier Convexe SHH Edition will be available at the new SHH boutique at unit #B2M-202 at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands from 7th of September 2022 onwards, with a retail price of S$505,580 (including GST).

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