BENU Heritage

The heritage of Moritz Grossmann is transposed to the present with a new manufactory for contemporary wristwatches of superb quality, thus melding classic horological values with the expectations and capabilities of haute horlogerie in the 21st century.

Innovative rectangular design
Power reserve bar revealing the simplicity of mechanism
Highly crafted hands in blue hue
Stop seconds mechanism with a fine hair bursh
Symbol for a New Beginning

With the BENU models, Moritz Grossmann interprets Schönstes deutsches Handwerk and modern technology in a contemporary appearance. The BENU Heritage line combines classic dial design in homage to the brand's history and the pocket watches of Moritz Grossmann.

In Homage to M. Grossmann
Highest Craftsmanship by Hands
Manual Winder with Pusher
Calibers Constructed In-House