November 16, 2023
Arnold & Son Time Pyramid 42.5 Red Gold and Platinum
A&S Time Pyramid RG aventurine_lifestyle (3)

Arnold & Son continues to reflect on its most iconic and classic collections. Time Pyramid, with its unique appearance and structure, has been elegantly revisited. With a fully redesigned case in a new diameter of 42.5 mm, a blue aventurine glass case back and a white opal minutes circle, the Time Pyramid collection is also brought to life through materials. Red gold (5N) and platinum (PT950) offer precious alternatives, with each colour duplicated on the rim of the hours and minutes dial. With its contrasts, its play on transparency and sense of depth and symmetry, Time Pyramid 42.5 explores every creative field in watchmaking to assert its distinction.


Our conception of time is often either linear or cyclical. A vertical alignment is not part of our mental landscape. And yet, it is this vision that Arnold & Son has chosen to portray on Time Pyramid. Inspired by the creations of John Arnold and his British peers, it revives a clock shape that was fashionable in the 1830s. By arranging the movement’s organs from top to bottom instead of in a circle, Arnold & Son goes beyond the chronometric horizon to achieve an unparalleled feat of design.


In creating Time Pyramid, Arnold & Son has revisited, adapted and extended clockmaking codes. Devoid of a full-sized dial, this wristwatch reveals a skeletonised movement in the shape of a pyramid. Alternatively, it can be seen as taking the form of an anchor, recalling the Arnold & Son logo and making direct reference to John Arnold’s title as watchmaker for the Royal Navy.

In the new case, with a diameter of 42.5 mm, a thickness of 10.72 mm, and in a choice of either red gold (5N) or platinum (PT950), the distinct features of Time Pyramid’s movement stand out. Its crown at 6 o’clock remains unique in the world of watchmaking, as does its baroque approach to symmetry.

Case back

The expression ‘open-air’ applies literally here, as the glass used for the case-back offers yet another new interpretation by Arnold & Son. Neither transparent nor opaque, it is composed of an extremely thin disc of aventurine glass in what constitutes a first for this iconic material.

Constellated with copper inclusions, aventurine glass originated in the region of Venice, which is renowned for its glass-making culture. It is said to have been discovered by accident when a workman dropped some copper filings into a vat of molten glass. One cooled and cut, the dazzling ‘all’avventura’ glass revealed a myriad of sparkles.


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Arnold & Son has chosen to use this decorated glass as a backdrop for its Time Pyramid. This backdrop allows the light to filter through when the watch is not being worn, revealing interplays of transparency and colour.

The interaction of reflections is just as strong on the dial, where alternating gold-plated and NAC-treated (anthracite) finishes showcase the Côtes de Genève stripes. The subtle glimpse it offers of the two barrels’ bridges reinforces the powerful and omnipresent sense of symmetry that underpins Time Pyramid.


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The movement driving Time Pyramid is displayed for all to see. The case’s wide opening and slender bezel showcase the movement’s mechanical arrangement, while the screw balance sits majestically at 12 o’clock. Below, the gear train highlights an array of finishes that include hand chamfering, satin-finished and sunray-brushed wheels, snailed barrels and blued screws. The calibre’s structure then splits in two beneath a ring in white opal – the signature stone of Arnold & Son’s off-centred dials.

On either side of the encircled dial, two power-reserve indicators mirror one other, indicating the same information and reflecting the two barrels that power the calibre A&S1615 just a few millimetres below the surface. Fully developed, machined, assembled and adjusted at the Manufacture, it can operate for 90 hours without rewinding.