March 30, 2023
Arnold & Son Double Tourbillon Jade

Arnold & Son is celebrating its Double Tourbillon collection with the unveiling of two unique pieces adorned with dazzling green jade and delicate white opal. The two independent tourbillons and two time zones of this rare model have taken on a new face. The result of high-calibre watchmaking execution, these models are available in either red gold or white gold.

Arnold & Son continues to make advances in the field of exceptional, unique pieces. The Double Tourbillon Jade is also in keeping with collections by the Maison which are adorned with dials featuring expressive, rare stones.

Arnold & Son’s watchmaking has now climbed up a notch in singularity and symbolic strength, producing two unique versions of its Double Tourbillon model with a green jade dial punctuated by two opal sub-dials in immaculate white. The A&S8513 calibre allows its two independent tourbillons to emerge into view above these rare stones. United by a shared main plate, each displays a different time zone.

Arnold & Son had their sights set on jade from Wyoming. This bright green nephrite known as “Apple Green” is slightly veined with black. This brings greater depth, contrast and makes the stone all the more precious. Jade itself is a stone rich in symbolic meaning.

A mineral linked to sacred beliefs, traditional medicine and protective rituals of several Asian and Central American civilisations; its cultural significance makes it like no other stone in the world. The dial plate of the Double Tourbillon Jade has been expertly cut in a very particular way. In the shape of a clover, the main plate allows both dials and tourbillons to emerge to their full height. This complicates the stone cutting and engraving stages, which further underlines the mastery of the work.




These new Chronodate references boast a 42.5 mm case that continues the neo-retro spirit of these sporty chronographs. The movement is housed in a container machined from a carbon-fibre composite. The chronograph push-pieces, also made from carbon composite, are directly applied to this vessel. Lastly, a ring between the case middle and bezel is also made from this matte black material.

Around this container, Angelus has designed an attachment system consisting of an open worked cradle that brings the case middle and lugs into a single line, made from 5N red gold or titanium. It also houses the bezel marked with 12 notches, which is also cut from these same metals.

This modular superstructure was developed to play with multiple materials. It is made up of elements with taut, sloping and bevelled lines that adopt the same aesthetics as several other Angelus timepieces, such as its diving collection. Their chamfered profiles, alternating right angles and curves, and the energy that emanates from them set the Chronodate’s sporty tone. The same is true of the crown, with a wide form that projects out from its guard and a central rubber strip that makes it easier to operate.

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